šŸŽ“Mead the GatheringšŸŽ“

Every Wednesday we play Magic at HPM. What is "Magic"? In short, Magic the Gathering (known as "Magic") is an extremely fun, imaginative, and engaging table-top card game.

Played with 2 or more players, each person takes on the role of a "Planeswalker" battling other players in the multiverse. Using an assortment of spells, artifacts, creatures, and other tools at their disposal in the card deck they have assembled, every player can develop their own playing style to best suit the battle ahead of them. Taking it steps further, MTG can be played in multiple formats with varying rulesets, allowing for vastly different playing experiences.

Intrigued? Looking for something new to try? This just scratches the surface of what is possible with modern table-top games. Join us on Wednesdays to learn more about MTG, play a game, or even play matches of other similar games (Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, OnePiece, etc.).

Doors open at 5PM.